Saturday, August 30, 2008

haiku for you

Usually I leave this kind of thing undone, or on a myspace blog, but... why not. In Haiku form?or..narrative haiku. I realize that haiku is about much more than syllable counting, but it is fun to try to fit a form anyway.. ok. .. nerd. 

Ten Things I Wish I Could Say to Ten Different People Right Now:
1. you are beautiful
    your booty is not too big
    don't even worry
2. for this i'm sorry
    i never knew what to say
    but i did love you
3. if i had a room
    reed table lamp light and chair
    i would be happy
4.  tall dark and handsome
     but do you know that you are?
     seems you like to hide
5.  i say that i wont 
     but it is impossible
     phone rings, i answer
6.  soft black and furry
     the cat licks my face and hair
     i'd rather have you
7.  i'll be that gi-irl
     and you would be right over
     if i were a field
     you would be in clover
    (ok.... stolen from...Barenaked Ladies)
8.  just pack up your things
     and live in fort worth with me 
9.  wish i were moving 
      to that other coast with you 
      a year is too long
10. ...

There are 9 more little sections to this. Maybe I'll bust out some more haikus  tomorrow.