Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Wow. It's been a few days!
I'm still here. 

I've been busy! Well.. not really that busy. 
Practicing, making reeds, and trying to figure out this private lesson business. I'm not exactly sure what is going on, I'm afraid I'm going to miss an opportunity somewhere. I'm pretty sure the teachers that I've been in contact with are going to let me know what is going on. I hope so at least. 


I think I need a night-time/weekend job. It wouldn't give me a lot of time to practice, but it might offer some regularity in income 

Any suggestions? I guess the obvious is waitressing... what other jobs are there for nights/weekends? 

There has been so much craziness going around with the presidential nominees! Can you
believe it? Palin's baby, her daughter's baby? Should we even care? Can we leave them alone? She did allow herself, and her daughter, to be in the national spotlight, so it was bound to come out. Did McCain know? I know so little!!

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