Monday, August 11, 2008

Happiness and Sadness

Wow no post for a day and a half! Nothing too interesting, but:

I'm enjoying watching the Olympics, mainly swimming and gymnastics. Those gymnast guys have the craziest arms.

Feeling good about taking some action towards teaching this semester, and excited about bassoon.

And..the amaretto sour I just drank was rather tasty.

Soon, sleep and listening to some music I got today!


Running after Antelope said...

Boo Yah. Comments! I finally figured out how to link to other blogs, although the situation right now is kind of like when you first join facebook and it says "you have 1 friend" and then you say wahhh. I'll work on it...

What music did get?

Running after Antelope said...

You and your mother are certainly not hated. Like I said, I'm not giving up my Office or 30 Rock! The Olympic thing just makes me feel a bit better

And of course the whole problem of economic sanctions to countries or corporations is that there are always a lot of good people who simply do a good job who get caught in the crossfire.