Monday, August 4, 2008

How To Change a Life

Step 1:
Shove the contents of your apartment into you car.
Didn't get a picture of the car, but here is my mid-move desk shot, pre car-loading:

Step 2:
Find a home for desk, bed, bookshelves, peanut butter, beans, and swirly couch.

                                                              Step 3:
                                Drive from old life to new life, through many storms.

Step 4:
Petition family members to help unload car, proceed to explode contents of car, formerly known as contents of apartment, all over the living/dining room of an overly generous aunt. 

Step 5:
Enjoy new life and the pleasures of having family around. 
Post a picture of a napping cousin online:

Step 6:
Introduce cousin's daughter to the joys of photo booth. 

Step 7: Switch around sleeping/living schedule. Rather than sleeping from 3 AM to 11 Am, go to bed at 10:15 and wake up at 7. You'll be ready for bed, after spending your days swimming, eating, and watcing movies. Share bed with a five year old who hasn't gotten over the novelty of a new cousin.  Wake up to small feet digging into your back, and spend another 15 minutes in the morning with photo booth before heading off to explore this new world. 





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Fabian said...

You have suffered many hardships to complete your journey young grasshopper. Good luck!