Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I was on the couch today, playing the guitar and attempting to sing, and I had two thoughts.
1) I write what I know.
2) The cat likes music. Look at the picture.
She likes me, too. Little Jumper is her name.
Sometimes she looks like an owl.

Back to what do I know? I guess I know what it is like to miss people, to work together, to make music, to laugh out loud, to be ridiculous and silly, to be lied to, and to want something I can't have. I need to write more about those things. What I actually write about is... love, unrequited love, and the act of writing itself. Ridiculous. No one wants to read that same stuff over and over. How do I pull myself out of this trend? Perhaps ... writing daily haikus about concrete objects will help. Read this site. Write haikus with me. Do it! Just.. yes. Do it. Seriously. You can post them here, or e-mail them.

I attempted to use garage band on my macbook today to record a song. Anyone want to start a folk band with me? Just say yes, and mean it. Preferably you willing to be a bit goofy, write creatively and/or play guitar or some stringed instrument reasonably well, or even a little bad might be ok.

Also, I like.....miss Christy.

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