Saturday, August 9, 2008

You're the Best!

My aunt and I had a rather fun afternoon eating and shopping today... 
We were talked into getting makeovers at the "benefit" makeup counter. Pretty exciting way to spend an hour or four. 

Afterwards, I headed over to Shannon's to see her family-in-law's fluffy puppies... no pictures, but it was a good time. They lick a lot though, blech. 

We had Vietnamese food for dinner, ate way too much goodness, and on the way back saw a ferris wheel!

We felt more excitement than is probably warranted by the sight of a traveling carnival, but it was pretty spectacular! 

Luckily, considering the previously mentioned vietnamese food, there was no vomiting, but almost. It all started with a ride called "Bear Affair."

                                                        Might not be Splash Mountain, but Shannon approved.

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Anonymous said...

Shannon approves indeed. Yay Bear Affair!!! Spinny happiness!