Friday, August 29, 2008

fuller, wiser. nonsense.

I really like collaborations. I've had a few in writing lately. 
As a writing exercise, pretty much every day I'll use something someone says to me as a line in a poem. It really is pretty fun. 
Collaborations in music, writing, art, and ..conversation.. all feel pretty good. 

Tangent:  I realize that conversation should automatically be counted as a collaboration of sorts, but it isn't really. Many conversations are really just two people talking at each other. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? True collaborative conversations seem to often end in laughter or ridiculousness. Sometimes haikus. Sometimes just.. getting caught up in one random idea, thought, or sound with another person is enough to carry a conversation for quite a while.  It's like..performance art. (That at least two people appreciate! haha!)
This seems to happen with Shannon quite a bit. And it is always exciting and surprising when you find it with other people as well. Sometimes it requires sacrificing where you wanted the conversation to go, or thought the conversation was going to go, and really letting it go where it wants to! 

Listen. Talk. Converse. Collaborate!

This is a shout out to my collaborative conversationalists. *klok

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Running after Antelope said...

I wanna live on that Fuller Wiser street too.

Does talking to myself count as a collaboration?

Do you have a story that typifies a ridiculous collaboration? I think my favorite one is spending hours and hours with a few friends coming up with an entire action movie with ourselves in all the roles. It took place in Vietnam where we'd all gone to play paintball for some reason. Anyway, everybody's personal plotline is centered around their own personal strengths and failings. I recall that I bullshitted my way out of getting killed by the villain...although I think it was meant to be a distraction.