Friday, August 1, 2008

A beautiful dream

I'm at my aunt and uncle's house in Fort Worth- my entire car has been unloaded into their garage/dining room. 
It has been fun so far-
A cousin and his wife and daughter are here for the weekend as well, and it is actually really fun to just be surrounded by family. 

I will admit that I am a bit distracted though, I wasn't quite ready to leave Tallahassee, and it was a really long drive.  

I've heard life compared to a video game before, A Fork in the Road: The Tallahassee Time
in a rather interesting story that I actually have a small role in, but I would say that this journey was a bit like that as well. 
I started off on a journey, armed with a gift of beefjerky, and along the way conveniently met people that would assist me in ways that I needed. I met Eric Peterson - he ended up stopping at the hotel for the night, in order to protect me from dangerous strangers, and had a lunch today with another cousin, who gave me a map and advice on finishing my quest to Fort Worth. 

However, most of my trip was spent listening to music, singing loudly, and wishing that I had something to write with. 
I feel that my level of angst at the moment is such that I could easily be churning out copious amounts of words: lyrics, poems, or short stories. I had so many great ideas today, I'm sure of it! I just had no way to notate, other than a few ridiculous haikus that I texted to myself. Haha. Nerd. The few other bits i do remember I'll have to work through soon. I should get one of these for future trips, or to just find something positive in all the time I'll be spending driving while in Texas. 

Pictures from Shannon's bachelorette party coming soon!

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Charlie said...

Ha! Brilliant! I am going to enjoy reading through this site. I am a HUGE advocate of voice recorders... my journal would be non-existent without one. Definitely invest.

I bet you 7 caramel delight girl scout cookies and a baby penguin that we into one another at least one more time.

See ya when I see ya!