Monday, March 30, 2009

At Laaaaaaast. My love has come along. My lonely days are over, and life is like a song. Thank you Etta James.

Alright, I'll admit I'm that dramatic at times, but I just know that all of you been wondering what's going on with my new apartment, so here ya go! This is all you get.

Friday, March 27, 2009


My nephew is just so freakin cute I don't know what to do with myself. Check him out.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Some updates!

I've been enjoying bassoon a lot lately, although not enjoying the joint pain that I believe is the result of the repetitive practice I've been doing. 

I've become addicted to this blog about vet school in Melbourne. Australia. 

I had a really great weekend with Brad and his brothers and sisters(in-law).
If Brad and his oldest brother would  quit accidentally dressing alike maybe it would have been slightly less confusing. 

I went to an actual real live orchestra concert on Friday night! Not a high school orchestra! yay!
It was the Dallas Symphony- and they were great. They played Candide, which I absolutely love.  I think I might love it because it takes me back so quickly - I can think of all of the times I have played it. Or most of them. Okay at least four of them. And I love it. 

Also, it was an Idol concert. Yes, american idol. The second half was the DSO accompanying four american idol people. It was suprisingly good. We went crazy. There might have been some scandalousness involved. Or, perhaps just some cheesy dancing on their part. They sang quite well though, and as I said to Amy, I think in the future I will only go to concerts that involve orchestra accompaniment. I dont want to type myself out of a good future concert here, but it was neat.
 If you're curious, the singers were Gina  Glockson?.. Phil Stacey, Melinda Dolittle, and Chickezie.  I liked Gina the best, even though I'm not sure of her last name. 

This has been the longest update I've done in quite a while. Maybe I'm back in the swing of blogging. Only tomorrow will tell.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, I'm workin on it. 

Sleep time!

Feelin Happy.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Spring break means:

That I dont get paid for a full week of lessons.

I guess I should enjoy every second, just to make it worth the loss.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Worst Weather Ever

This is the worst day in HISTORY. Alright, maybe recent history. Instead of going into that, I think I would rather channel The Sound of Music and list a few of the things that would be better than being here right now.

1) Hanging out with Bradley.
2) Sitting in front of a fireplace, or anywhere with a working TV.
3)Chillin' with Paige. Or any member of her extended family.
4)Kidnapping Parker
5)A phone call from my sister. Or Ava.
6)Talking to adults, or anyone older than middle school age.
7)drinking Moroccan Mint sweet iced tea at All Saints. Preferably with Christy.
8)Enjoying happy hour at the Library, a la 2004
9)Purchasing a microwave
10)researching gardening techniques for the vegetable garden I can't have because I dont have a yard.
12)driving to portland
13)catching the subway in NYC
14)downloading music. legally.
15)eating girlscout cookies
16)singing. loudly. somewhere sunny.


I feel better. Even though I'm not foing any of these things. So...maybe I feel worse?