Friday, August 15, 2008

that girl is CRA-AZY.

I drove up to Oklahoma today, and it was an easy drive. This was big news; usually I find my head nodding within the first forty-five minutes or so, and have to constantly be sucking down cherry coke or snack food in order to make it. I'm not sure if I've just gotten used to driving, or if I was distracted enough by working my way through a new playlist of music that I didn't even think about driving. I wasn't ready to get out of the car, I was only on song 47 of 294! Yikes. I guess I better road trip it again soon.
I think another distraction was the view: I was sure I was going to miss the afternoon rains of Tallahassee, and I do I suppose, especially when dealing with the 105 degree heat in Texas, but the sky here is just amazing. I'm constantly in awe, and must look ridiculous peering out of my car windows as I'm driving, leaning in every direction to get the best view, all the while bustin' out in song, usually with the wrong words or awkward harmony, to whatever is on the radio. What do other people do in the car? What are they thinking about? Maybe in a week or two I'll be numb to the flat horizon and enormous sky again, but I hope not.

Picture from today: It's just a street view, but look at the blue sky! And all of the pretty contrasting clouds! You can see the storm clouds in the foreground, too. The sky is just... huge. Tall. Expansive.
You can click on all of my photos to get larger views, if you ever care to.

This is a picture my dad took yesterday in Edmond. It looks like a UFO sighting, or the second coming, but it's really just another amazing example of the Oklahoma sky.
This one, as well as most of the others in my blog, are taken with a cell phone. A Samsung 707. Crazy, huh?

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Running after Antelope said...

I love a good roadtrip. It's an opportunity for good music and bad singing as you mentioned. I like playing a game where if I know the song (or even part of it), I have to sing along, no matter how ridiculous.
But more than that I enjoy the freedom of thought one gets from driving. In "All the King's Men" Robert Penn Warren talks about driving (much more gracefully than I will) by saying that there are two you's involved- the you who exists before leaving and the you who exists after you arrival. And in between there is a sort of clarity- there's no need to put up any sort of facade for anyone. I think this feeling is probably pretty unique to America too. No where else can you just drive for hours on end without running into cities or being interrupted by your destination. Europe is too small and the roads are too bad everywhere else.
There's a feeling of power in driving- a kind of modern day manifest destiny. Maybe that's why the oil bug is hard to shake; putting your foot down lets loose the intoxication of being powered across a (cruelly) conquered land by tiny violent explosions in your engine.

Shoot, I could have just turned that into a rambling entry, but anyway, nice pics! There's something about those tornado alley skies...