Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wedded Bliss

More on one of the best weekends ever!!!

Shannon finally got her professional wedding pictures in! Yay! I had fun helping her pare it down from 1300 to closer to 300. 
I'm stealing some for my blog! 
This one is me and Nicole, very serious about helping her into her petticoat. Being a bridesmaid was pretty much awesome. 

The photographer caught all of us girls admiring Shannon's beautiful ring. 100% natural- no posing at all. 
Love this picture.  Shannon looks like a pretty little doll in her gorgeous poofy dress. 

Go team go!! Every good bridesmaid cheers hard throughout the wedding.  yeaah!!

Gettin' down on the dance floor!

So happy!!!! The newlyweds smiling big- really it was an amazing weekend. Shannon and Jeff are awesome! 


Brett said...

I'll just go ahead and say what everyone is thinking--you and all your friends are total hotties. Also I'm adding a link to your blog on mine. But mostly the first thing.

Anonymous said...

yay!!! yay yay yay!!! yay! Klok.