Wednesday, September 10, 2008


So many note-worthy things happened today. 
The day started off a bit rough when I dropped a fork into the trash can- and thus ended up with my arm in a trash can, digging around. Gross!! And hilarious. 

Then... I taught 9 students, and enjoyed it! Got a little practice in, and ate breakfast at a nice little ma and pop type breakfast place. 

Towards the end of my last lesson, around 6 pm, it was pretty much just me, my student, and the cleaning crew in the middle school. This horrible buzzing started, and my student said, "um.. thats the fire alarm!"  Great. My first thought is, I'm not leaving my bassoon.  Then I realized that I was an adult.. (yeaaah)..and somewhat responsible for this young person, so we went to check it out. It was going off for quite a while, and about 7 other people were out trying to see what was going on. I told lovely student to wait outside (just in case). After turning off the alarm (and not checking for fire, I might add) the cleaning crew let us  back into our room, and we finished up the lesson and headed out of the school, where about 5 or 6 dashing young firemen were waiting to be let into the building. Haha. I wondered if they would come. And they did. Awesome. And no one was there to let them in.  It was a false alarm, but if it hadn't been, I had a plan. Shove kid outside, run back to room, put bassoon up, run away. Probably not the smartest thought  I've ever had, but bassoons are expensive!

I guess that story isn't really that exciting. But I thought it was pretty entertaining. 
Since fire is funny...?

Finished up the evening hanging out with Shannon, instead of on the couch watching TV. Even got to fold some clothes!  yay!