Saturday, September 20, 2008


It's early and I'm awake.

And I'm going to Six Flags today. (For real this time?)

Girlyman last night was amazing.

It was a much smaller crowd then when I saw them last in OKC, but they performed just as well.

My sister is having a baby.

Very soon. Yikes!

Anyone want to fly me to Milwaukee?

I haven't been posting many pictures over the past few days, and it's because my lappy is still at the doctor, getting three of its four components replaced. If you get a Mac, I defintely recommend getting Apple care. It has paid off big time.

The cat slept by me again. And my eyes are itchy.

I had a really weird dream. I can't tell you what it's about, because even though it seems like a good idea right now, when I'm still half asleep, I think when I get up again in an hour or two I might regret telling the "world" (hello world) that I ____ in the _________ and you _______.

There. It's a madlib. Verb. Location. Verb. Fill 'er up.

OK well it's time to try to sleep some more. It might not happen, but I'll at least lie convincingly in bed for a while.


Go check out... "the shape i found you in" by girlyman. They played it last night, and I just really like it. Gets ya right there, ya know? Is my face leaking again? Must be allergies...


Anonymous said...

blew bubbles, koi pond, saw a fish dangling from my nose.
by, Shannon

Running after Antelope said...

I slipped in the banana pudding and you laughed.

If you get tired of teaching lessons or if I don't make it to TX, let's go teach English in Japan or Korea or something. Seems like fun, what the hell, I'm game.

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