Tuesday, June 23, 2009

strange new readings

I've always loved reading. Always. And I do read. Always.
I think it's a problem- If there was a readers' anonymous
I would probably need to join.
One day I listened to an interview
with an author on NPR, and he was talking about being a writer.
He said the main requirement is that you have to read.
A lot. He said he always has a book with him- because you never know when
you're going to be stuck in a long line. I'd always wondered if other people felt like that- and I'd assumed that they did, but it was great to hear.

So, I often go through phases when I read everything-or most things-
by an author that I've just discovered, or that someone has told me about.
This has happened with kurt vonnegut, garbiel garcia marquez, barbara kingsolver,
isabel allende, and the other standard sets, of course-Pullman's his dark materials, harry potter, the chronicals of narnia. (Do you italicize sets? I think so, but I'm not sure.)
While many of those are full of fantasy realism, and maybe some, vonnegut, are a bit science fiction-y at times, I've never really gotten into science fiction novels. I've tried, and haven't really enjoyed them. And then Brad gave me Ender's Game to read. and I did. Then Songmaster. And I did. Then, Dune, and I really liked it. Now I'm going to have to read so many books just to get caught up on all of these that I never thought I would enjoy.