Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shelties, Corgis, and the Never Ending Stream of Shit-tzus

Hello, Summer.

I love you for your sunshine and offerings of swimming and roadtrips.

I love you for your lack of middle and high school students.

But, I need them. Can I have them back please?

I enjoyed teaching this year, the end of the year was a bit of a let down, because every school finished lessons at different times, and I never knew if that week would be the last lesson for a student.

I have some really talented students, and a few of them are taking lessons this summer. I'm happy to teach them, it's good money and I'll keep up my skillz, as well as improve theirs, but I wish I had a few more. I think the economy right now is hurting my chances there. Most parents right now do not want to pay $16 for a half hour music lesson. And I understand. Music really does just work for some kids, and for those kids, and the parents who understand that, I am happy to be teaching.

To make up for the lack of students in the summer, I got a job. As a pet nurse!
I hold down dogs, run blood work, and generally follow people around asking them to show me how to do stuff. They aren't really interested in that, but I have to keeping pushing or I'll never learn how to do things on my own. Often, I find myself feeling really out of my element- for so many years of my life I have been completely immersed in the music world. At a very high level. It is strange to be at an entry level again, interesting to learn something completely new. The best part, after the dogs, which I love, is that I get to monitor and/or observe surgeries! I didn't know I would be excited about that until I was in the room for the first one. Would I pass out? Would I find myself nauseous- and embarrassed? It was fascinating. Who would of thought?

Next post will be chock full of pictures and tales of glory. Until then, a bit of the story, haiku style:

waters cool and strong
the mass of people floats on
spf 80