Monday, October 20, 2008

You are not welcome here. (Get outta my head.)

Sickness is not my friend!

I keep saying it's allergies, because I really thought it was...but this head thing isn't going away yet. 
I have many students to teach this week, and no teaching means no paying, so I must not be sick when I wake up tomorrow.

I needed to get some reeds ready to sell to students, but I'm pretty sure they don't want any from me right now. I could rinse them w/ disinfectant, but I'm not sure that is good enough. Don't want to risk getting kids sick, and then they'd get me sick again when I saw them next week, creating a perpetual cycle of sickness. It could happen. 

I had a really great weekend in Oklahoma with Brad, my parents, and his brother. His brother  and sister-in-law have some really adorable kids, and it was really fun to spend time with them. 

I really need to get up to Milwaukee soon, I miss my sister! And need to see Owen!!!

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