Thursday, October 30, 2008

Stop, hey what's that sound?

This is the sound of me sitting on the couch in the living room, and writing a blog. The sound of of something I haven't done in a long time! My feet are up, and there is a cold Dr. Pepper within arms reach. Happiness. 

I've been contemplating many things lately, mainly about what I want to do professionally, and where I want my life to be heading in general. 

A few ideas that have been rollin' around up in the ol' noggin': 

I really like teaching, and have thought about getting certified to teach middle school and/or high school band. Even if I choose to go back to school to continue bassooning, this would probably be a positive, and lucrative, endeavor. 

I really like playing and teaching bassoon, and will attempt to get an adjunct position at the community college here if I see one come up again. 

I wish I had pursued the Theory Pedagogy certificate while I was at FSU,  because that would make me  more attractive for college positions, and would make me feel more qualified, but I have been looking around for an alternative to that. If I go back for my doctorate,   I will definitely try to get one! 


Time for cleanin up, Reese is coming to town tomorrow with my cousin, so maybe I'l lhave some interesting pictures for my next post!

Oh yeah... Brad had a beard for a while. Whoop!


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