Monday, August 20, 2007

a little hmm....


I guess you could say that I am a happy person. I think, probably, generally more light-hearted and smiley than a lot of people. I am quick to cry, but quick to laugh, too!

That said, even though I had a lot of happy times this summer, it hasn't been a great one.

I'm tired of being poked and prodded. I have emotional problems with going to the doctor, and it comes across physically. I get shaky, my stomach hurts, my throat dries up, and I swear it is a pretty good trigger for my new-found asthma.
My new doctor is awesome, but her nurses make cry. They are seriously lacking is personal interaction skills. While this would bother me in every day life a bit, it would at least be tolerable. But at a time when I'm already distraught, it really just pushes me right over the edge. More than once they've pretended that I wasn't crying while they were talking to me.

It's pretty awesome

And summer is over.

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