Thursday, August 9, 2007

Back By Popular Demand is hard sometimes. But it has to be all mind games, since I haven't done anything but work this week. And read. And hang out with Shannon. And practice a bit!

Yeah, you heard me right. I started a job this week. I'm pretty sure that no one is completely happy at their job, and even if they are, there is always something to complain about.
But as far as jobs go, a bank teller ain't a bad way to go. Air conditioning, pay isn't bad, I don't have to do food prep or wear an apron.

I'm still in training, so I haven't even started the actual "telling" yet, but it is interesting so far.

I need to decide if I should apply for a full time position that just opened up or not.

I want to leave time for weekend trips to Conway, to teach, and to play, but paying off student loans is good, too.
I think I'll work part-time for a while, and see how it goes. See how the symphony audition goes, and if I can line up any students this school year.
They say there is a high turnover at banks, so I'm sure another full-time position is bound to open up at some point.

It is very different being in the "real" world. I'm used to being in the academic world, and in a very specialized section of the academic world. Now I'm surrounded by people who, while they are very interested, and (oddly) impressed that I play instruments, don't know what a bassoon is. They wouldn't be interested in getting together to read through the Nielsen Quintet after work, or in having a reed making party.
I miss that.
Someone let me back in that world!!!
Preferably in a high paying way.

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John said...

Hey Laura,

Thanks for the congrats! We're very excited--great times ahead. Just found out yesterday that it's a boy!

Hope you are doing well--how's the bank? Don't tell me they wouldn't be interested in hearing the opening of Rite of Spring.