Monday, January 26, 2009

25 Things.

This is from a facebook tag. Yay!

1. I like clothes, very much, but they stress me out so much that I've always wanted to work somewhere that I could wear scrubs. Every day.

2. One of my favorite outfits is concert black. It just looks good. I miss the days of weekly concerts when I didn't have to worry about an outfit for at least one evening.

3. I have high hopes for myself.

4. I love reading. If I don't read at least one book a week, I must be reading a pretty big book. Or maybe I'm on a cruise.

5. I'm slightly wary of people who don't like to read.

6. Many of my favorite authors have been recommended by friends, and I love them more for it. The friends and the books.

7. I have plans to eat better and to work out daily. I'll let you know when that starts.

8. I like over sized coffee mugs.

9. I'm not sure that I have a favorite color any more. My stock answer is pink, but then I feel like I'm cheating on all the oranges, blues, purples, browns and pinks that I love as well.

10. I'm scared of crickets. And grasshoppers. They might be pretty at times, perhaps in a picture, but not when they are near me.

11. I want a dog. Right now.

12. I enjoy teaching most of the time, and that surprises me.

13. I want to be an incredible cook for my family someday. I can't make an omelet. Most of the time my grilled cheese turns out alright. Sigh.

14. I like being an aunt. I like saying "Owen."

15. I wish I lived close to my sister. Like next door.

16. I miss my friends! They are toooooooooooooo far away.

17. Because of that, I daydream about moving to Portland, Wisconsin, Florida, France. I wish I had a job that made enough money to travel anywhere I wanted on any weekend.

18. I just went on my first cruise. It was really pretty exciting. Pictures to come soon. VERY soon.

19. I loved snorkeling, and I was worried that I wouldn't. It was awesome.

20. I've never been water skiing, and the pictures of my boyfriend's family skiing might terrify me a bit.

21. I like warm weather, but I also burn too easily, and really like cold weather clothes. it is a dilemma. I don't believe that this is how you spell dilemma, even thought I looked it up in the dictionary.

22. I would like to live in Colorado in the summer, and Florida in the winter, and have my family and friends nearby year round. Can someone make that happen?

23. I know more silly songs than anyone else I know, and could make a CD of girl scout camp songs if I thought anyone would be interested.

24. klok. I like nonsense sounds and the people that share them with me.

25. I need to started blogging regularly again. NEED. I enjoy it.

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Jenny said...

It's hard to pic my favorite favorite random fact about you, but it's probably a close tie between #15 & #24.