Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Good, the Bad and the Smokey

The good:Harry Potter 5, I must say it, was excellent. way better than I thought I would be. I don't know if the heart murmur was just acting up or what, but I was definitely worked up in the first scene with the Dementors. I was scared! And I've read the book! But I did like it, it was exciting and awesome. Partially because anything even slightly heroic received huge applause from the audience.
Also, I went to the movie with a good friend from high school/early college. It was great to see her again! Hopefully there will be more Laura and Sam time in the future.

The bad: I guess the bad would be that evil Umbridge woman. I freakin hated her. The people sitting around me probably hated me for saying "kick her ass! uuurghh! kicker in the face!!!", too often.

The Smokey: I suppose that other than the fact that it was really smokey, the Wolf Trap portion of the evening would actually go under the "good" portion. It was like a mini high school reunion. Very mini. Buford, who I haven't seen since graduation from high school, and I reminisced about people we knew, classes we took, and people we wouldn't want to see at a high school reunion. Many enjoyable hours were spent in high school w/ Buford and Randi in class, and with Samantha in choir or on stage.

Sorry for the boring nature of this post.... its not too smart or witty, nor does it really make much of a statement. But it was a good evening.



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Blake said...

Wow! A Blog from Laura. That's some kind of news. Can't wait to read it every day.

And, I hated that Umbridge lady, too. Makes me nauseous just thinking about her.